Our Story

Hi!! I’m April, the face behind the brand. A born and raised Texan who loves everything big and grand like my state. I am a lover of all things girly, sparkly and whimsy!!

I have always been a huge fan of candles as well (especially the ones that smell like bakery items), blame it on my sweet tooth. Lol

I started making candles as my first venture because I was tired of purchasing candles from big stores that you practically had to stand over to get any kind of scent. I found a love for a particular small business and Bird of Paradise candle they made that I couldn’t find anywhere else. To my dismay they were closing shop and I knew I couldn’t live without it and asked them to teach me all the ways of the candle gods and that’s how my company was born!! 

Since then I have expanded into bath bombs and soaps and added my own little spin on it!! I am excited to take you guys on this journey with me!! Welcome to the Splash Squad!! Buckle up, it’s gonna be a good time.